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Description: I love patterns in the sand. This section of the beach was exceptionally cool and unique. Wish I knew what caused it.

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Name: photographer Posted: 7:44 PM on 1/28/2009

Thanks for the comments. It was taken on the South Nags Head in the early morning, just past the outgoing tide line.

Name: bbarns Posted: 6:54 PM on 1/27/2009

Had to save this photo for my PC background. Natures beauty is soooo taken for granted.

Name: Kim Posted: 10:53 AM on 1/27/2009

Neat pattern! Where was this taken?

Name: roanokeis Posted: 8:52 AM on 1/27/2009

Very nice!

Name: Janne Posted: 1:43 PM on 1/24/2009

Almost floral...impressive. Certainly depicts this month's theme.

Name: wiggyhoo Posted: 1:03 PM on 1/23/2009

nice... I love the texture this photo creates with the patterns and depths of the shadows.

Name: Sue Posted: 8:29 AM on 1/19/2009

Beautiful photo!

Name: Nancy Westberry Posted: 4:14 PM on 1/15/2009

Very nice photo. Strong lines that create depth. Nice catch.

Name: salvo Posted: 2:30 PM on 1/15/2009

Phenominal shot!

Name: Leslie-Md. Posted: 9:30 PM on 1/11/2009

That is one great picture!