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Description: Just before the sun rose, on Ocracoke Island, I took this shot of my daughter.

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Name: obxcrew Posted: 7:47 PM on 2/28/2009

THE GOOD LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pic !!!!!!!

Name: salvo Posted: 5:47 PM on 2/27/2009

just beautiful....what wonderful memory for both of you. I am crazy about this picture!

Name: Carolyn Posted: 8:44 AM on 2/27/2009

I can't remember if I caught any fish that day - but it didn't matter - it was great just being there!

Name: Leslie-md. Posted: 9:25 PM on 2/25/2009

Nice. Gives a calm, peaceful feeling. Did you catch anything?!

Name: Cathy Posted: 7:14 PM on 2/23/2009

Mom, nice picture of Carolyn...

Name: Carolyn Posted: 9:35 PM on 2/20/2009

Hi Mom - thanks for putting a picture of me out there :)

Name: summertime Posted: 10:13 AM on 2/16/2009

Very nice photo!