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Member: crispylivin

Description: I had never seen Ice at the OBX on the water before, it was amazing....

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Name: Leslie-md. Posted: 9:37 PM on 2/25/2009

That's something MOST of us have never seen! Great pic!

Name: Claire Posted: 1:32 PM on 2/24/2009

Its the Sound side, brakish water....(Mix of Fresh and Salt water)

Name: Sheller Posted: 10:44 AM on 2/24/2009

At what temp. does salt water freeze? Very unusual photo.

Name: Ronnie Posted: 7:31 AM on 2/24/2009

WOW! This one is great!!!!

Name: Lexi Posted: 10:15 PM on 2/15/2009

WHat a beautiful picture!