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Member: wiggyhoo

Description: Rustic Hatteras Lighthouse (CS3 Photoshop)

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Name: Bilbo Baggins Posted: 5:17 PM on 4/30/2009

the people make it better. Chill out with the heavy filtering though, no need for it.

Name: roanokeis Posted: 4:21 PM on 4/28/2009

Great composition and enhancement! Frame it 'cause it would sell.

Name: Crissee Posted: 12:54 PM on 4/6/2009

You are right, it would be better without the people. I tried throwing rocks at them and using my sling shot, but that didn't work. I could have taking them out in photoshop, but I didn't really wanna get into the more detailed areas between the slats... thought ahhhh, I'll just leave'em in. Glad you like it tho!

Name: Sam Posted: 11:24 AM on 4/6/2009

I love this. I think it would be even better without the people, but that's just my opinion.

Name: summertime Posted: 10:40 AM on 4/6/2009

This is a cool shot!