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Description: I ran this through Topaz Adjust to get this effect.

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Name: Bilbo Baggins Posted: 5:20 PM on 4/30/2009

This is the best image of the lot. Although the Topaz software is the real artist.

Name: Woodduck Posted: 9:48 PM on 4/28/2009


Name: roanokeis Posted: 4:24 PM on 4/28/2009

Love the grittiness, movement and colors.

Name: obxgrlinva Posted: 12:10 PM on 4/28/2009

Wow, I thought this was one of Maureen's paintings!

Name: Kim Posted: 1:14 AM on 4/21/2009

Really nice!
Maureen I thought of you the second I saw this.

Name: Erin Posted: 3:18 PM on 4/14/2009

I love this! I would like to see the original. Very, very cool!

Name: Trish Posted: 11:28 AM on 4/14/2009

I love what you did with this photo. It does look like a watercolor and if it were for sale I would buy it!

Name: Vi-MD Posted: 9:17 AM on 4/13/2009

My favorite! It would be impossible to top this.

Name: summertime Posted: 7:32 PM on 4/10/2009

I love this photo and agree with everything Salvo said! Very nice job!

Name: salvo Posted: 6:37 PM on 4/10/2009

Wow! Maybe I should toss my paints! I really like your persective of the shot. I think Avalon is a tough pier to photograph and you've done a great job here. You can do all the digital enhancements to improve or change a photo, but I think that if you start with a great photo, like this, it's just the first step in creating a great entry like yours!

Name: Leslie Posted: 4:06 PM on 4/10/2009

I love it! Looks like a watercolor.