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Description: If only we could bottle this entire beautiful day at the beach...

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Name: Gwen Posted: 3:43 PM on 7/30/2009

Original or not, it is interesting and fun.
May be the inspiration came from an ad for another water company since the name on the bottle implies the water source to be from a glacier and not so much a cloud. Then again, the photo may imply that the cloud is like a floating glacier in the sky. That is a pretty original idea. I love it!

Name: Sunny Skyes Posted: 3:46 PM on 7/29/2009

Great Photo- My dad used to do stuff like this - making it look like we were standing in his hands. - Pa Guy - too bad you have to think someone copied it just to wins a prize....

Name: Paul Posted: 4:06 PM on 7/27/2009

I also checked the Icelandic Glacial website and did a Google image search and didn't turn this pic up. I think it is an original and I love it.

Name: Babes Posted: 8:25 PM on 7/24/2009

Excellent shot. Pure genius. It's the epitome of creativity.

PA Guy: I just checked the Icelandic Glacial website too and it seems to me that you are just jealous! Now beat it!

Name: Jim Posted: 6:22 PM on 7/24/2009

Wow. this is an amazing photo. Great job and you have my vote!

Name: pa guy Posted: 8:39 AM on 7/22/2009

I just did a search for icelandic glacial water the name on the water bottle, This is a pic from their web site.

Name: not needed! Posted: 7:21 PM on 7/14/2009

Nice beach did u siwm there im going in 2 dayz! wish us luck! what is good for a BIG familey? besides the lost colony.

Name: Laur1e Posted: 2:51 PM on 7/6/2009

Too freakin' funny. Love this.

Name: Bad Fish Posted: 2:27 PM on 7/6/2009

Very creative! It must have been an interesting thought process that led to this photo. :)

Name: Sheller Posted: 9:24 PM on 7/5/2009

Oh, how cool. Very creative.