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Description: Taken April 2009

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Name: Its all about the sh Posted: 11:38 PM on 8/13/2009

Now thats what I'm talking about!

Name: Sue Posted: 3:40 PM on 8/13/2009

What a great photo ~ good luck!

Name: mrsshroyer Posted: 7:04 AM on 8/11/2009

I love this picture. It is so simple and beautiful.

Name: salvo Posted: 9:15 AM on 8/9/2009

Outstanding...I love it...can't wait to find out who took this!!!!

Name: Laur1e Posted: 6:42 PM on 8/8/2009

Ohhhh! Like this one. Very nice.

Name: Kathy Posted: 11:47 PM on 8/6/2009

I think this is a great picture. Nice & simple & true to life. :)

Name: Sheller Posted: 10:42 PM on 8/6/2009

Nice.. I like this one. Look at all those shells. Wow.