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Description: A Different View.

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Name: Jim Posted: 7:38 PM on 9/25/2009

I think you went overboard on the saturation. That's such an artificial looking blue. I also wonder about the three comments before mine that came a minute apart on the same day.

Name: Zoey Posted: 7:20 PM on 9/14/2009

Your picture looks like a dream...the clouds are really magical.

Name: Laverne Posted: 7:19 PM on 9/14/2009

Amazing angle and sky! I love looking at this picture.

Name: Cheryl Posted: 7:18 PM on 9/14/2009

This is one of the best lighthouse shots! Well done!!

Name: The Dons Of OBX Posted: 1:41 PM on 9/14/2009

What a shot! This is exactly the kind of photographs this competition need more of. The colors are as striking as the angle. Great stuff. If you dont place, I will know this contest has been rigged.

Name: The Dons Posted: 12:54 PM on 9/14/2009

What a shot! I almost a little deja vous when I look at it. Great colors. Unusual angel. Some might even say its all doited.

If this photo doesnt place it would be a shocker.

Name: Miss Bling Posted: 12:36 PM on 9/14/2009

This is a cool perspective of this lighthouse and different from the usual shots of it. I love the color and the angle which makes it easy to see the interesting texture of the building...great example of one of OBX's most recognizable buildings!

Name: Leslie-Md. Posted: 5:08 PM on 9/10/2009

Great color. The position of the clouds almost looks like smoke coming from both buildings!

Name: Missin'obx Posted: 10:54 PM on 9/5/2009

This picture has a really cool angle and color contrast.