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Description: Little island in the sound off Bodi light house. Great fishing spot too.

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Name: Renee Posted: 5:14 PM on 9/14/2009

I love this little shack because seeing it means that I'm either almost on Hatteras Island or headed out to sea on a boat :)

Name: Paula Thompson Posted: 6:52 PM on 9/11/2009

This is just beautiful. It is so tranquil.

Name: Ray Qualls Posted: 5:46 PM on 9/10/2009

Great picture. Great photographer, Obviously. RQ

Name: Mary C Neiderlander Posted: 12:35 AM on 9/10/2009

Great Photo. Is this your next hobbie?

Name: Heather Posted: 7:50 PM on 9/9/2009

Wow pop great picture! i love it!

Name: kimberlee Posted: 12:27 PM on 9/9/2009

The blue all around the little house is wonderful..nice shot!

Name: Sheller Posted: 9:35 AM on 9/8/2009

This one is really cool. Cute title too. It is surrounded by the same shade of blue in the sky and water. Love it.