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Description: This probally isn't a building, but it was build in amazement, how do they do that, and how do they survive. This is Avon Pier.

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Name: Carolyn Posted: 9:06 AM on 9/29/2009

wow! I LOVE this one. The detail in the wood and the water churning there under the pier. You did good on this one!!

Name: Steve Posted: 6:48 PM on 9/28/2009

Fishing can be great there, nice picture!

Name: Tracylee Posted: 10:24 AM on 9/14/2009

This really makes me miss the OBX. Amazing picture!

Name: JSoxA Posted: 1:24 PM on 9/13/2009

What a wonderful expression of the sea!

Name: LostnObx Posted: 4:23 PM on 9/12/2009

Wonderful Capture.

Name: unlocksmyheart Posted: 5:24 PM on 9/10/2009

Well done great shot..=)

Name: stormiegirl Posted: 7:03 PM on 9/9/2009

Very nice picture of the pier, love the turbulant water. Very nice.