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Description: ...beautiful weather, beautiful colors.

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Name: TheDonOfOBX Posted: 4:23 PM on 10/31/2009

This photo wreaks of fall. So colorful and doited. This one has my vote!

Name: Woodduck Posted: 10:29 AM on 10/30/2009

Oh yeah!

Name: Kathy Posted: 9:41 AM on 10/30/2009

Certainly captures the theme well!

Name: Leslie-Md. Posted: 5:18 PM on 10/25/2009

Great colors AND in Manteo?!!!! Yup! Love this!!

Name: Cheryl Posted: 3:58 PM on 10/17/2009

Mums & Pumpkins...a sure sign of autumn!

Name: twodoitedphotogs Posted: 11:47 AM on 10/17/2009

Makes me want to carve a jack-o-lantern and roast pumpkin seeds...great shot!

Name: Sue Posted: 1:06 PM on 10/11/2009

Very pretty colors!

Name: unlocksmyheart Posted: 9:02 AM on 10/10/2009

Well done! Truly I was going to shoot this same place..lol than I saw your photo.Good luck..=)

Name: Sheller Posted: 5:17 PM on 10/5/2009

....now THAT'S what I call fall. Beautiful.

Name: ginapie711 Posted: 3:47 PM on 10/5/2009

Great colors!--Such a happy shot!! :)

Name: kimberlee Posted: 9:11 AM on 10/5/2009

What wonderful colors, this puts me in the Autumn mood!