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Member: kadeelyn

Description: I took this picture of our two-year-old son as part of our Christmas Cards this year. He just stood there so long looking out into the ocean. I wish I really knew what he was thinking.

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Name: Woodduck Posted: 11:38 PM on 12/30/2009

That's so cute.

Name: beachbum98_98 Posted: 11:06 PM on 12/29/2009

What a perfect idea! We wanna see the finished product salvo ;)
And I think he probably was wishing Santa would bring him a boat :)

Name: Medicwife Posted: 7:33 AM on 12/29/2009

Salvo!!! Would you paint him? I would love that!!! I got tears in my eyes over that thought!

Name: salvo Posted: 11:27 AM on 12/28/2009

He's thinking "I want salvo to paint me!"

Name: JAY Posted: 9:03 PM on 12/3/2009

this is great....luv it

Name: wvfemail Posted: 10:20 PM on 12/1/2009

Very cute!!!Having had 3 little boys I can relate to this pic...

Name: Pelican Deb Posted: 8:47 PM on 12/1/2009


Name: Gina Posted: 11:02 AM on 12/1/2009

So precious!