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Description: Hatteras lighthouse

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Name: Jim Posted: 12:40 PM on 3/31/2010

Cool photo. Don't worry about the nay-sayers. i would recommend putting an explanation in the photo description next time if you 'shop an entry...

Name: jdhanna Posted: 6:26 PM on 3/8/2010

wow...i just meant to try to post a nice image. didn't know it'd be such a point of contention. this is the hatteras lighthouse, the background was replaced with a photo i took of a WV sunset. was not trying to pass it off as an "actual" OBX sunset. this was clearly photoshop'd and the attempt was to replace the dull sky that was in the original with a more interesting background. thanks to those that like it in spite of its "scientific faults" :)

Name: Nicki Posted: 7:30 PM on 3/7/2010

Is this a poster? Its very pretty, but does not look like a photo.

Name: Di Posted: 4:33 PM on 3/7/2010

How can the sun be shining on the front of the lighthouse when it is setting to the back of it. Cool pic, but seriously....

Name: Lost In Florida Posted: 10:19 AM on 3/6/2010

I thought the sun set in the west..........maybe a sunrise but definately not a sun set.

Name: obxguy2 Posted: 12:41 AM on 3/6/2010

who cares?

Name: obxguy Posted: 2:07 PM on 3/5/2010

sorry,but the sun does not set in that direction

Name: Obxlex Posted: 11:52 AM on 3/4/2010

WOW. Definitely a winner.

Name: obxgal62 Posted: 8:16 PM on 3/3/2010

WOW awesome art work going on here! lovin it.