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Description: Sunset at the old swimming hole in Manteo.

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Name: Amanda Posted: 4:48 PM on 10/31/2006

I entered the contest and its not letting me.
Thats not fair.

Name: Anne-Marie Posted: 1:24 PM on 10/30/2006

I have stood right there where this picture was taken. Seen that sight, and quite frankly... you cannot see anything more beautiful anywhere else. The colors, sights, smells and sounds of the beach, especially OBX, cant beat 'em!!!!

Name: Juani Posted: 9:13 AM on 10/29/2006

Thought the 3rd time would be the charm, but it wasn't. Still no luck in voting.

Name: Junai Posted: 9:08 AM on 10/29/2006

A wonderful picture but it will not let me vote. I followed the directions but no luck.

Name: Will Posted: 7:30 PM on 10/25/2006

Chris & Karen,

Make sure you log in on the contest pages. Click the Member Log In button on this page. Once logged in you will be brought back to the main contest page. Click on this picture and click the vote button. The key is to log in on the contest pages.Each member can cast one vote per month.

Name: Chris Posted: 4:11 PM on 10/25/2006

I became a member and it still won't let me vote!!

Name: karen Posted: 4:05 PM on 10/25/2006

great picture, the site won't let me vote

Name: Krista Templeton Posted: 11:57 AM on 10/25/2006

What a spectacular photo! Great job!

Name: Will Posted: 10:20 AM on 10/25/2006

The voting is for OBX Connection members only and the voting period just started this morning (10/25). If you want to vote, please register as a member on the message board and then login to cast your vote. If you have questions about the contest, please check the rules page and the contest home page for the entry and voting dates.

Name: TGoes Posted: 9:26 AM on 10/25/2006

I like the balance in this picture. The use of light is good.

Name: Jennifer Posted: 8:45 AM on 10/25/2006

That is a great picture....

Name: Chris Posted: 8:42 AM on 10/25/2006

The site won't let me vote either! I'll keep trying because you have my vote!!

Name: Iva Posted: 8:34 AM on 10/25/2006

Great picture!! Keep up the good work :)

Name: Iva Posted: 8:34 AM on 10/25/2006

Great picture!! Keep up the good work :)

Name: Belinda Posted: 7:24 AM on 10/25/2006

I'm trying to vote too - won't let me.

Name: Belinda Poston Posted: 7:19 AM on 10/25/2006


Name: reba Posted: 6:15 AM on 10/25/2006

I am trying to vote,the site will not let me.Your photo is great.You have my vote...

Name: Tori Posted: 6:34 PM on 10/24/2006

Wow. This is the most amazing picture I've ever seen. The photographer is extremely talented. This one should win!

Name: Sherrie P Posted: 10:13 AM on 10/24/2006

I am trying to vote for you, the site won't let me

Name: Casey Posted: 9:08 PM on 10/11/2006

alright well i'd like to vote for it but the site won't let me

Name: Chris Posted: 9:25 AM on 10/2/2006

What a gorgeous picture!! Good Luck! You've got my vote!