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Description: One evening we were on the rooftop deck of our rental in Waves feeding the seagulls bread. They were so orderly, taking their turn waiting in line , hovering patiently! We couldn't stop laughing. I had never met a nicer flock of gulls!! I ended up with a nice series of about ten photographs of the "single file gulls", but this one is my favorite!

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Name: obxgirlwannabe Posted: 8:42 PM on 5/31/2011

Love it!!!

Name: Kim Posted: 7:06 PM on 5/31/2011

Very cool! It looks like a poster.

Name: Stormiegirl Posted: 7:25 PM on 5/22/2011

This is an amazing shot! Love it.

Name: Sheller Posted: 5:15 PM on 5/22/2011

That is perfect. Love it.