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Member: pelcndeb

Description: Decorating one of the surviving pilings in Kitty Hawk

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Name: Seaside Pix Posted: 12:18 PM on 12/29/2011

Thanks Joe...Always fun arranging these for my own card every year...

Name: Dayton_u Posted: 10:01 AM on 12/29/2011

I voted for this picture. I think it is great! I tried to "steal" it (download it) and was going to make a Christmas card out of it, but the quality after the download was not very good. Nice job! -Joe

Name: Sam Posted: 11:57 AM on 12/25/2011

Pelican Pix- we did Easter this April in Duck!

Name: Pelican Pix Posted: 1:09 PM on 12/17/2011

Sam-We've done Easter in OBX, but not yet Christmas..Someday Im sure..

Name: Sam Posted: 7:04 AM on 12/15/2011

The perfect picture: my two favorite things; Christmas and the Outerbanks. Some day I hope to spend Christmas down there with my family.

Name: Sheller Posted: 4:10 PM on 12/13/2011

A very cool, creative, beachy Christmas scene.

Name: Seaside Pix Posted: 6:33 PM on 12/5/2011


Name: Patty K. Posted: 3:34 PM on 12/5/2011

I just did the same thing....my new desktop background for the winter.Why have mountains when you can have the beach. Great picture!!

Name: Debra Posted: 1:23 PM on 12/5/2011

Love It! My new background for my computer for the Holidays! Wish I was there!

Name: REnee Posted: 6:57 AM on 12/5/2011

I so love this!