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Description: This is the Bodie Island Lighthouse the morning after Ernesto. The foreground is standing water from the flooding which created this gorgeous reflecting pool. Early morning 30 second exposure. Please rememeber this is copyrighted © material any copies of, or attempts to use this for any personal or public display is prohibited unless authorized in writing.

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Name: obxwannabeinwnc Posted: 8:37 PM on 10/29/2006

TOTALLY AWESOME!! Very familiar with B.I.L. mosquitoes and to endure them for this was a feat in itself. Whether it be the landmarks or the landmark sunrise/sets - they compliment each other. Let it count. As for the copyright stuff, it's understandable that the photographer want to protect his investment of time and blood. However, for those of us that long to be at the OBX, it's pictures like these that allow us to project ourselves there if only for a moment. We save them as screensavers, print them for refrigerator magnets, or set on our desk to gaze at and wish we were there. It is my hope that all photographers posting continue to freely indulge our addiction to the OBX.

Name: obxgrlinva Posted: 11:33 AM on 10/26/2006

Beautiful picture but it should be considered as Lighthouse entry and not sunrise/sunset. I also agree that the copyright comments weren't necessary here.

Name: Jeannie Posted: 10:06 AM on 10/25/2006

This is simply stunning; a wonderful photograph.

Name: Ree Posted: 1:54 PM on 10/24/2006

This is an awesome picture...you can tell it is at sunrise and shoud be entered as such and kudos to you for getting up early to take it...you did an amazing job! I ALWAYS copy pics from this board and was a bit taken back by the copyright as i feel we are all friends here with the same goal....to enjoy and share our Outer banks , stories, adventures and pictures but...it is YOUR picture and i honored your copyright and did not make it my background although i surely wanted to! There were plenty of other beautiful shots to do that with! Good luck with the contest, this pic is surely in the running with all the other gorgeous sunrise/sunset shots!

Name: Will Posted: 10:52 AM on 10/24/2006

MWL, This is the first time I've seen comments like this on a picture. I suspect it is because the photo is amazing and has gotten a lot of attention. I am the owner of the site and both amateurs and pros are welcome to enter the contest, so your status is not a concern. The phtographer retains all rights to the photo. I don't have a problem with you offering prints for sale to people who inquire, but it might be wise to handle it with a private message on the member's profile in the future. This is a striking photograph and I wish you well in the contest.

Name: m_walter_lyon Posted: 11:50 AM on 10/23/2006

There seems to be some confusion...and I would like to clear it up right now. I am NOT a professional photographer. I am a technical analyst. The offer to sell prints was in response to someone requesting copies. The copyright notice was to prevent people from copying and pasting the shot (which I am sure has already happened). I entered the contest simply because I had a beautiful shot of the Outer Banks I wanted to share! I was snapped with an Olympus E-300 SLR, a standard consumer digital SLR and tripod. It was my intent to capture such an image, so I got up at 4:00AM and made my way over there. I guess I should be flattered that everyone is making such a fuss, but honestly I feel the belly-aching is a bit petty. Anyone can capture such an image. It just takes planning and the commitment to do it.

Name: oinc Posted: 9:01 PM on 10/22/2006

verey nice picture for a pro but to try to sell your work on a site where ppl are trying to have fun is a lil over board

Name: Jean Posted: 10:34 PM on 10/19/2006

This is a truly amazing picture and I think it meets the contest requirements well. Don't listen to the grousing. I hope more professional photographers enter. I read the contest rules and it is open to all. Not just amateurs. Good luck!

Name: Bluejay Posted: 4:38 PM on 10/19/2006

A good photo is a good photo, period. I was going to enter until I saw this. Excellent job.

Name: Randy Posted: 3:46 PM on 10/19/2006

I agree that this is a very nice professional quality photo that may be worthy of winning. I don't agree with submitting professional photos with a copyright warning, while trying to sell copies. This undermines the site and the photo contest. Many submitting photos on here are doing so just for fun, not profit, and may not have thousands of dollars of camera equipment.

Name: m_walter_lyon Posted: 1:53 PM on 10/19/2006

Wow, I didn't realize there would be a lobbying effort with this contest... Fact is this is a sunrise photo that has a lighthouse...the storm was the previous day...notice the clear blue sky. Quite frankly I am very dissapointed that someone would go to this extent to sway opinion instead of just basing the vote on the quality of the photgraphs submitted.

Name: Mayberry Guy Posted: 6:35 AM on 10/19/2006

I agree with everyone else, this is a wonderful picture but I would consider it more of a lighthouse or storm picture than a sunrise/sunset picture. Many of the other pictures do a much better job of capturing the theme of this month's contest, it would be a shame for this one to win over one of those

Name: flip-flops Posted: 10:55 PM on 10/15/2006

Wow, takes my breath away

Name: NagsHeadGuy Posted: 8:51 PM on 10/14/2006


Name: Howard Posted: 5:16 PM on 10/14/2006

I love it!

Name: wvfemail Posted: 9:40 AM on 10/13/2006

Just beautiful...........

Name: m_walter_lyon Posted: 10:54 AM on 10/12/2006

Thank you everyone for the very kind words, it really makes the 147 mosquito bites all worth it. For those who expressed interest in having a copy please contact me at m_walter_lyon@hotmail.com. By the way I am actually a technical analyst. But want to be a professional photographer.

Name: Another OBX Lover Posted: 6:05 PM on 10/11/2006

Wonderful! Hey.... are professional photographers eligible for this contest??

Name: wvfemail Posted: 10:50 PM on 10/10/2006

Just awesome,very nice pic

Name: SandeToes Posted: 3:59 PM on 10/10/2006

Wow! Wow! I withdraw my photo from this contest and stand in awe at this capture!!! Well done!

Name: Glenna Posted: 9:30 AM on 10/10/2006

Truly spectacular. I would love to have a print of this picture!

Name: Sue Posted: 2:58 PM on 10/9/2006

Wow! What an incredibly beautiful photo.

Name: Sue Posted: 2:57 PM on 10/9/2006

Wow! What an incredibly beautiful photo.

Name: Will Posted: 2:08 PM on 10/9/2006

This photograph is beautiful.

Name: Jenny Posted: 12:38 AM on 10/9/2006

Amazing. This is a fantastic picture!

Name: conlee Posted: 11:32 PM on 10/8/2006

very nice!!!

Name: Lorraine Turick OBX Posted: 11:10 PM on 10/8/2006

Terrific picture, a sure winner.