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Description: 3 girls relaxing and waiting for the waves to come in ...

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Name: Cappie Posted: 9:21 AM on 7/27/2006

What a relaxing photo!

Name: Sara Posted: 4:11 PM on 7/26/2006

I wonder .. are they sisters, friends? They seem so together.

Name: magicplace Posted: 4:11 PM on 7/26/2006

This is what i like to do at the beach!

Name: coolwindsobx Posted: 7:12 AM on 7/16/2006

This pic took me back to my childhood....sitting w/my sister and friends doing the very same thing. What a great picture!

Name: flip-flops Posted: 9:27 PM on 7/15/2006

Love this picture:) they are so relaxed, makes me wonder what they are talking about