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Description: South Point sun sets are my favorite

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Name: obxpichler Posted: 5:22 PM on 7/28/2006

Can't stop looking at it, I want to be there. A great shot.

Name: beachbum98_98 Posted: 12:00 PM on 7/27/2006

Beautiful shot....makes me want to be there with a chair and a cold one!! Good luck in the contest!!

Name: Another OBX Lover Posted: 10:01 AM on 7/27/2006

FABULOUS!! This deserves to win!

Name: Debbie Posted: 8:21 PM on 7/26/2006


Name: Craiger Posted: 3:28 PM on 7/26/2006

An absolutely stunning capture of tone and depth. A true gem of a picture. Certainly worthy of being greatly enlarged and framed for all to see and enjoy. Cheers!

Name: Kaydee Posted: 9:51 PM on 7/23/2006

This picture is perfect. I love it!

Name: AKCBROWN Posted: 3:05 PM on 7/21/2006

Very Beautiful Photo. Excellent Color and clarity!

Name: JimJam Posted: 4:40 PM on 7/19/2006

Dang. You should of saved this one for the real contest next month.

Name: burghgirl Posted: 12:13 PM on 7/18/2006

Absolutely gorgeous picture! Got my vote!

Name: Sandietoes Posted: 10:43 PM on 7/16/2006

This foto is AWESOME, Rick!

Name: StephVA Posted: 10:19 PM on 7/16/2006

Very pretty and relaxing picture.

Name: Glen Posted: 12:05 PM on 7/15/2006

Way to go fish_oinc. I thought you only knew how to fish lol.

Name: wvfemail Posted: 7:37 PM on 7/14/2006

I really love everything about this picture.You captured it all in this one shot.Great job!!!!

Name: Pat Posted: 7:20 PM on 7/14/2006

Beautiful picture! This one is my fav of the ones posted so far.