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Description: Photo of my youngest, Zach, ready for a visit from St. Nick!

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Name: Rob Posted: 10:26 AM on 12/29/2006

Thanks for the kind words! Don't let the cuteness fool you. Zach is a little devil!

He got his first tricycle from Santa and the newest Tickle Me Elmo from Mom and Dad. He's almost two and seems to grasp the idea of presents/Christmas/Santa this year.

He was a little surprised by Elmo's gyrations when tickled (if you haven't seen this, Elmo giggles and laughs while rocking back and forth, sitting down, rolling around on the floor, and even standing back up on his own!), and he immediately put Elmo back in his box. He has gotten to like his new toy now! Happy Holidays!

Name: Jenn Posted: 8:33 AM on 12/14/2006

OMG. He is too cute!

Name: Bess Posted: 2:07 PM on 12/1/2006

Wish Santa would put him in my stocking this year.........what an adorable child. You'll have a very Merry Christmas with him around.