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Description: Taken on the south side of Cape Point, Hatteras Island

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Name: Why Enter Posted: 6:03 PM on 2/27/2007


Name: Cathy Posted: 11:11 AM on 2/23/2007

Yes... Will said pro's are allowed.... Great work, Scott! Certainly a pro should be able to beat out an amateur!

Name: Jenn Posted: 8:12 PM on 2/22/2007

This was asked two months ago, Tommy. According to the rules, everyone is eligible. It is a fantastic picture.

Name: Tommy Salami Posted: 4:42 PM on 2/21/2007

Are Pro's aloud to enter? Nice Shot.

Name: Alice Posted: 9:01 PM on 2/20/2007

Amazing shot

Name: Stacey Posted: 11:40 PM on 2/13/2007

This is such a cool picture!

Name: Bryan Posted: 12:01 PM on 2/5/2007

The light coming through the clear green water is amazing. A great stopped-motion shot.

Name: Shelly Posted: 9:34 PM on 2/1/2007

Scott, great picture! Just had to mention that I purchased your picture "Anticipation" for my husband for Christmas. He loves it!

Name: Ann Posted: 8:44 PM on 2/1/2007


Name: Sandie Posted: 5:42 PM on 2/1/2007

This is an awesome capture. I looked at your online gallery. You have some amazing work!