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Description: One of our favorite places to view the sunsets!

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Name: Lisa Posted: 1:35 AM on 7/28/2006

Awesome picture. Color and composition great. Looks like you found a hidden treasure!

Name: Angel Posted: 12:38 PM on 7/26/2006

Love the picture for reasons that are too hard to explain.

Name: wvfemail Posted: 10:57 PM on 7/20/2006

Really nice....

Name: MarvelousMoondance Posted: 8:32 PM on 7/20/2006

This one is going to be hard to beat - excellent composition and lighting!

Name: AKCBROWN Posted: 1:17 PM on 7/20/2006

Beautiful picture!

Name: Renee Posted: 9:17 PM on 7/16/2006

Well this just got my vote. Absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite places. Thank you!

Name: Renee Posted: 9:16 PM on 7/16/2006

Well...this just got my vote. Gorgeous pictures and one of my favorite places. Thanks!