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Description: Late afternoon with the waves breaking over a bottle of Merlot. Cheers!

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Name: cbduke Posted: 12:46 PM on 2/25/2007

This is a very unique and excellently done interpretation! I like it!

Name: Bridget Posted: 5:40 PM on 2/23/2007

Really well done!

Name: Michelle Posted: 8:38 PM on 2/19/2007

This is a wonderful picture! I hope the contents were enjoyed before they got swept away!

Name: Bryan Posted: 11:58 AM on 2/5/2007

Awesome picture, This could be a great ad for the vineyard. Nice work.

Name: Kevin Posted: 5:57 PM on 2/1/2007

That's the first time I saw a full bottle of wine wash up!!
Time to empty it and send a message out !!!