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Description: Taken on the Frisco beach in January 2007

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Name: obx4me Posted: 11:25 PM on 3/25/2007

This is truly one of the best photos I have ever seen on here...I just LOVE this one! Great subject, great photo. Great job!

Name: Jim Posted: 2:32 PM on 3/23/2007

This picture is amazingly clear. Every drop of water is distinct and frozen in place. This is one of the best stopped-motion pictures I've seen in a long while.

Name: Corey Posted: 10:20 PM on 3/22/2007

What a fantastic capture!

Name: Sue Posted: 11:21 AM on 3/14/2007

What a great picture ~ and beautiful dogs.

Name: Scott Posted: 10:19 PM on 3/13/2007

They are Springer Spaniels

Name: Salvo Posted: 5:50 PM on 3/13/2007

What kind of dogs are these? They kind of look like our Brittany, Salvo! Great picture.

Name: Katherine Posted: 9:07 AM on 3/10/2007

Great photo! Just another play date at the beach for those boys!

Name: Cindy Posted: 7:38 AM on 3/10/2007

Those boys are adorable!! Great picture!!