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Description: This picture has a lot of what I love about the Outer Banks's nautral beauty. Footprints in the sand, pelicans over the blue water, waves crashing, sea shells oh... and a beach all to yourself!

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Name: Steve Posted: 8:04 AM on 4/30/2007

Awesome pic. Got my vote.

Name: salvo Posted: 9:29 PM on 4/25/2007

PS...you can easily edit the photo and correct the horizon "flaw".

Name: salvo Posted: 9:26 PM on 4/25/2007

This is not my photo, and I appreciate the positive comment and agree with you, but, this photo is just so beautiful despite that flaw. There are some magnificent photos in this POM, but I have found myself looking at this photo over and over again. It is such a strong and powerful image. You can really sense the movement. And the colors and contrast are so crisp and clear. It is a very sharp image. Once again, I will not be voting for my own. Good luck!

Name: Rob Posted: 11:03 AM on 4/25/2007

I agree with Jenn. I can still hear my photography professor from nearly 20 years ago saying "Water seeks its own level, it should always be level in your photos!" It is a common, minor distraction on lots of photos involving water.
Great contrast of color, especially in the sand and water. Gorgeous photo!

Name: Jenn Posted: 10:03 AM on 4/9/2007

The high contrast in the photo make it striking and the deserted beach makes it captivating. This really captures the theme of this months contest. my only teeny tiny distraction is that the horizon isn't exactly level. I only say this in the hope that it might be a positive comment in your photography going forward. You are obviously talented with an eye for framing a wonderful photograph. This is my favorite so far. Great job!

Name: Vi-MD Posted: 9:12 PM on 4/7/2007

Almost too perfect to be a photo! A real masterpiece!

Name: flip-flops Posted: 5:10 PM on 4/3/2007

beautiful photograph, I would pay $$$ to have a copy made into a print

Name: Corey Posted: 10:15 AM on 4/2/2007

Salvo - I took this photo on September 16th of last year. It was later in the day - I want to say around 4 in the afternoon? It had been one of those goofy days that was pouring rain one minute and then brighy and sunny the next. Thank you! I rather liked the result myself!

Name: salvo Posted: 9:38 AM on 4/2/2007

I am in total awe of this picture. What time of the day and year was it taken? The deep blue of the ocean is unbelievalbe. The sky and cloud reflections on the dark wet sand look almost as if they were painted in! And I'm sure they were not. I really am drawn to this picture. I would like to paint it! Just beautiful.

Name: Sandie Posted: 10:25 PM on 4/1/2007

Very nice!