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Description: I have no idea what this is, but we found two of them. They shrunk up when they were touched, and were really soft to the touch. Some have said sea cucumbers, but that would be different than any that I have seen.

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Name: Sal Posted: 5:45 AM on 5/31/2007

It's some sort of a sea slug. They're all over the beach right now.

Name: Bess Posted: 2:20 PM on 5/30/2007

No comment.......................LOL

Name: Jay Posted: 1:18 PM on 5/30/2007

It was the strangest thing...it would roll up into a little ball when you touched it. It was squishy

Name: Erin Posted: 8:34 PM on 5/24/2007

OK Cool Guy, that was toooo funny. Was not expecting that at all!! If I ever see one of those that's all I
ll be able to think of!lol

Name: wvfemail Posted: 7:28 PM on 5/24/2007

Well Cool Guy,there's not much else I can say and not only that I can't stop laughing.Not sure what that is.....hope I never see one

Name: NCWEST Posted: 10:50 PM on 5/23/2007

Cool Guy.. Now I have to clean the drink from my computer screen..It is a ugly thing tho.

Name: Cool Guy Posted: 5:44 PM on 5/23/2007

Kinda looks like a turd.