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Description: Ocracoke Island

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Name: Ralph Rizzo Posted: 2:54 PM on 7/30/2006

u go guy

Name: knumbers Posted: 12:11 PM on 7/30/2006

nice angle!

Name: hosehead Posted: 5:28 PM on 7/29/2006

just a beautiful picture

Name: eileen Posted: 8:33 PM on 7/28/2006

i'd like to walk that pier. great shot!

Name: pete v. Posted: 8:52 AM on 7/27/2006

Great photo ! Looks like very fishy water .

Name: JimJam Posted: 9:37 PM on 7/26/2006

Great shot! What camera/lens did you use? I like the fact that you angled the picture so you can't see the end of the pier. Very nice...

Name: Rick AKA fish_oin Posted: 8:33 PM on 7/26/2006

Funny but I'm going to be right across the street from this on the 12 th of August, great shot . The two top voted picture are both from Ocracoke I have noticed .

Good luck Rick

Name: Craiger Posted: 3:24 PM on 7/26/2006

The pier goes on and on... it's length gives to fierce movement of cloud and fury. The water's calm constantly moves the eye to great depth and contrast. This is an incredible photograph and shows a great eye for all-encompassing content and surroundings. Cheers to you!

Name: vogs Posted: 2:45 PM on 7/26/2006

I just love those big fluffy clouds!

Name: Bada Bing Posted: 2:41 PM on 7/26/2006

This looks like the pier we dropped jimmy off of wearing his cement shoes!

Name: Beckie Posted: 2:01 PM on 7/26/2006

I wished I hadn't already voted...This is a great picture!

Name: Mark Posted: 1:51 PM on 7/26/2006

Nice pic.

Name: sharon Posted: 1:12 PM on 7/26/2006


Name: Pat Posted: 9:17 AM on 7/26/2006

One of my favorite views.

Name: Klaus Posted: 10:26 PM on 7/24/2006

Nice Depth. Nice Sky coloring.

Name: Glen Posted: 8:44 AM on 7/20/2006

That looks like a good crabbing spot. The dock seems to go right off into the clouds.