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Description: A shot of a crab with an overlay of a mini OBX bumpersticker on his shell. Done with PS Elements 5. No crabs were hurt during this procedure.:-)

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Name: rmm7e Posted: 9:17 AM on 7/28/2007

What kind of crab is that? It's shaped like a blue crab but look at all the spots and speckles! And I love the translucent back legs. (And the bumper sticker of course)

Name: obxbaby54 Posted: 11:46 AM on 7/23/2007

Give this crab a hat!!!!

Name: Connie Posted: 12:26 PM on 7/13/2007

What a great pic!

Name: Will Posted: 7:57 AM on 7/10/2007

Good one :)