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Description: What can I say? I just love the Blue Whale! It means I am in Salvo!

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Name: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE S Posted: 10:46 AM on 9/25/2007

Have to make a copy of this for my son-in-law. Is our 2nd favorite spot in Salvo, besides the beach that is!!!

Name: Sue Posted: 5:28 PM on 9/15/2007

This photo brought a smile ~ I love that place, too.

Name: wvfemail Posted: 4:29 PM on 9/15/2007

We just love everything about the Blue Whale,especially all that hot sauce!!!!

Name: Erin Posted: 2:20 PM on 9/15/2007

I know what you mean, I correlate it with Salvo also. My favorite place!!