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Description: There's nothing that says summertime to me like a big thunderstorm moving over the ocean.

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Name: Sue Posted: 4:32 PM on 8/14/2006

Wow ~ that's a beautiful photo.

Name: Erin Posted: 10:24 PM on 8/8/2006

Awesome pic!

Name: valmouse Posted: 12:53 PM on 8/7/2006

Now that's a picture!

Name: Ann Stinnet Posted: 3:31 PM on 8/1/2006

Awesome photo - Only thing better would have seen it in person.

Name: Jenn Posted: 11:00 AM on 8/1/2006

Incredible picture! I love the color palette.

Name: Pier Pressure Posted: 8:33 AM on 8/1/2006

Wow, that picture really gets my senses going. I can almost hear, feel, & smell what it would be like right there.

Name: guest Posted: 7:49 AM on 8/1/2006