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Description: Decorating the Duneline...Happy Holidays

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Name: EveT Posted: 6:52 PM on 12/29/2007

Count me in for loving this, too! :)

Name: Dune Decorator Posted: 7:46 PM on 12/17/2007

You are very welcome Fore Decs...I do too on my computer :)

Name: Fore Decs Posted: 8:20 AM on 12/17/2007

I love this picture and I look at it every day. Thanks for sharing it.

Name: Dune Decorator Posted: 7:50 AM on 12/11/2007

Thanks Bonnie-Happy Holidays!

Name: Bonnie Posted: 3:09 PM on 12/10/2007

This is my first time voting and I love this. What better way to think of Christmas than at the beach. Blessings @-}----

Name: Dune Decorator Posted: 6:16 PM on 12/8/2007

Thanks Sandy :)

Name: Sandie Posted: 1:58 PM on 12/8/2007

Well done!! A lot of creative thought went into this and it is well executed. I'm thinking you may have been the same person who used an Adirondack chair on the beach last year. ??? In any case, this is just lovely!

Name: Deb Posted: 7:09 PM on 12/4/2007

Bob-I don't mind at all! Enjoy-I put it on my computer today as well...

Name: Bob Posted: 4:25 PM on 12/4/2007

Like the picture! I saved it, and am using it as the wallpaper on my computer, hope you don't mind.

Name: Colleen Posted: 7:25 PM on 12/3/2007

So pretty!! :-)

Name: April Posted: 10:00 AM on 12/3/2007

Beautiful picture. I am really impressed!