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Description: Avalon pier, and just another incredible AM on the beach

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Name: lmagsinpa Posted: 12:10 PM on 1/15/2008

what a fantastic picture!!!!

Name: obxwannabeinwnc Posted: 10:15 PM on 1/14/2008

Totally amazing! My son wants this for a mural on his gameroom wall!

Name: Biff Posted: 8:47 AM on 1/14/2008

Yep, it's from the book - a great read back when I was a teen - wondered if anyone would catch that...

Name: MM Posted: 7:07 AM on 1/12/2008

Would "Trout Fishing in America" be referring to Richard Brautigan's book? One of my all-time favorites! Oh yeah - great photo!

Name: Rick Posted: 5:53 PM on 1/11/2008

I remember that book it was great, Great shot too.

Name: Butterfield Posted: 8:15 PM on 1/6/2008

No contest, this is the best entry yet.

Name: Sandie Posted: 7:00 PM on 1/5/2008


Name: Jenn Posted: 9:15 AM on 1/5/2008

I love this one! Does anyone know what pier that is in the distance?

Name: Tom Posted: 3:10 PM on 1/4/2008

Beautiful photograph. My favorite so far.