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Description: Our Daughter swimming in the sound On Ocracoke

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Name: Picky Posted: 10:35 AM on 8/28/2006

If only the horizion were level, I'd vote for this one.

Name: hutchens Posted: 10:17 PM on 8/27/2006

I just love this picture!

Name: jennyk Posted: 12:00 AM on 8/26/2006

Aren't there sharks in there at night?

Name: Sharon Posted: 7:54 PM on 8/22/2006

Nice silhouette shot and a lovely summer shot.

Name: tasteysandwich Posted: 9:31 PM on 8/12/2006

that's a cool image.

Name: Sharon Posted: 6:47 AM on 8/3/2006

Haha Cute, Kevin. :-P Our daughter was actually on her KNEES in the pic...lol. She knows that's the deepest she's allowed at that time of day. :-)

Name: Kevin Posted: 3:03 PM on 8/2/2006

Is that a shark fin I see in the distance?? Nice Silhoutte picture!

Name: Jean Posted: 6:55 PM on 8/1/2006

This is a great shot. The sun streaming through the dark clouds is striking.