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Description: Taken with a Canon Rebel Xti and Sigma 50-500 @ 500

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Name: Alice Posted: 12:33 AM on 2/24/2008

I absolutely love to watch a group of these plovers? or sandpipers? running/flying just above the shore line as the waves roll in, searching for food. Once I saw a batch of these little birds traveling together and one of them only had one leg. It was just as fast as all the others with two legs, much to my amazement!

Name: Guest Posted: 8:20 PM on 2/17/2008

Are you absolutely sure that this is a plover? It lokks too big and does not have any of the markings and colorations of a plover. Are you sure it isn't a ember of the sandpiper family?

Name: MarkOh Posted: 10:15 PM on 2/16/2008

Having spent so much time trying to get close enough for a good shot of one of these guys, I'm truly impressed with the clarity and composition.

Name: Seasentinel Posted: 8:11 PM on 2/10/2008

Thanks for the kind compliments :). The sun had just poked through the clouds long enough to add some color to the shot.

Name: StephVA Posted: 3:06 PM on 2/9/2008

This is a great shot of the plover, very crisp and clear.

Name: obxlex Posted: 9:44 PM on 2/8/2008

I love this picture, something about it is just great!