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Description: Peaceful contemplation

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Name: obxcrew Posted: 6:40 AM on 2/27/2008

it's just a peaceful beautiful picture..

Name: obxlex Posted: 5:23 PM on 2/17/2008

Well maybe thats where I got it from?

Name: Guest Posted: 9:45 AM on 2/16/2008

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull" was a story about the life of a seagull. It was written back in 1970.

Name: Obxlex Posted: 10:00 PM on 2/15/2008

Just curious...why is this titled Jonathan? When I was little, I called every seagull I saw "Jonathan"...WEIRD!!

Name: summertime Posted: 8:48 PM on 2/15/2008

I love this photo! Great job!