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Description: sunrise in kittyhawk

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Name: flip-flops Posted: 3:20 PM on 8/20/2006

Beautiful wave

Name: OBXBev Posted: 1:42 PM on 8/17/2006

God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Sue Posted: 4:31 PM on 8/14/2006

Beautiful ~ I think I can taste the salty breeze (wish, wish)! Good luck with the contest.

Name: beachbum98_98 Posted: 4:17 PM on 8/8/2006

Beautiful picture!!

Name: Judibru Posted: 12:04 PM on 8/7/2006

this should be a postcard!

Name: michelle Posted: 12:46 PM on 8/2/2006

I hope the waves are this big when we are there!!

Name: cathy Posted: 9:27 PM on 8/1/2006

i truly feel GOD'S POWER when i see this..