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Description: Nags Head, busy along the shore.

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Name: Julie Posted: 11:36 AM on 2/23/2008

Oh,another great one!

Name: beachfun Posted: 8:11 AM on 2/23/2008

This one gets my vote!

Name: salvo Posted: 1:48 PM on 2/22/2008

This is a beautiful picture with or without the frame. Great job!

Name: Harris Teeter Posted: 1:04 PM on 2/22/2008

I guess we will doctor our images accordingly in the future.

Name: Photo Editor Posted: 3:29 PM on 2/21/2008

Harris, do you know something I don't? Where does it say that? I never heard it before. (Of course, I could be deaf) If that is the case, Please show me that info. Will? Is that true? If so, disqualify me.

Name: Harris Teeter Posted: 2:58 PM on 2/21/2008

I didn't think that we were supposed to use Photoshop or add frames.

Name: Kathy Posted: 9:58 AM on 2/21/2008

Terrific colors & composition! Love the reflection.

Name: Colleen A Posted: 12:13 PM on 2/20/2008

I love this shot! Well done!

Name: Jake Posted: 8:36 PM on 2/19/2008

This is an awesome capture. Pretty work.