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Description: This is a picture of our handsome son introducing our adorable niece to the OBX

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Name: El Posted: 6:51 PM on 3/31/2008

Great smiles - good times. Too hard to choose who's cuter.

Name: lee Posted: 2:42 PM on 3/31/2008

This is such a cheery photo. They're both adorable, but I love her early self-assurance! (I think I recognize the beach unbrellas...wish I knew where the photo was taken.) This photo certainly showcases "People on the Beach".

Name: crystal Posted: 12:08 AM on 3/25/2008

hes cute but she looks like her mama!!!!!

Name: christine Posted: 10:01 AM on 3/24/2008

can't wait for summer!!!

Name: Stud Posted: 5:07 PM on 3/23/2008

I can't wait for this summer. i better be seeing Frankie again.

Name: evelyn z Posted: 8:15 AM on 3/23/2008

they are both cute! i have to say frankie is my cutie pie!

Name: Karyna Posted: 2:13 AM on 3/23/2008

He's a doll.....it sure runs in the family!

Name: Michelle Posted: 9:15 PM on 3/8/2008

They are both cute!

Name: Lenny Posted: 11:08 PM on 3/7/2008

OBX brings a smile to everyone. great picture!!

Name: Jenn Posted: 5:24 PM on 3/4/2008

This is a super photo! They are both adorable!