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Description: My grandaughters become OBXers

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Name: ohiolor Posted: 12:43 PM on 3/30/2008

This reminds me of my favorite pix of my girls when they were about that age

Name: outerbankslinda Posted: 2:16 PM on 3/20/2008

Puts a smile on my face

Name: salvo Posted: 8:52 AM on 3/13/2008

Way ahead of you, Vi!

Name: Vi-MD Posted: 10:52 AM on 3/7/2008

Absolutely adorable! Salvo should do a watercolor!

Name: macklinda Posted: 8:30 AM on 3/6/2008

How sweet! :)

Name: meg Posted: 11:06 PM on 3/5/2008

The bathing suit wedgies make me smile!

Name: salvo Posted: 9:56 PM on 3/5/2008

Love it!!! You should take their picture together like this every year...what a keepsake!