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Description: I vaguely recall taking this picture. I am pretty sure I had a good time!

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Name: kellyg Posted: 7:44 PM on 8/21/2006

I just love this picture! To me, it personifies relaxation and the OBX. Kudos to the photog. Nice photo.

Name: flip-flops Posted: 1:20 AM on 8/3/2006

I have to agree with Mike n IN painted nails would have made the picture a lot more complete!

Name: Mike n IN Posted: 11:18 PM on 8/2/2006

This picture would really be complete if you had painted your toe nails. LOL

Name: Alice Posted: 9:54 PM on 8/2/2006

You all are so mean! There's nothing wrong with hairy legs on a man. I really like this picture.

Name: ColleenNJ Posted: 4:08 PM on 8/2/2006

Your legs are fine. It's a melanoma thing huh? LOL My hubbys legs are as white as yours and they look fine to me. I will be sipping those Coronas at the OBX in 3 days (8/5-12)

Name: JimJam Posted: 2:14 PM on 8/2/2006

That's what summer at the beach is all about. Maybe next time your wife/girlfriend should be the leg model.

Name: Di Posted: 1:41 PM on 8/2/2006

Nothing says Summer Fun like a cold Corona and a view of the ocean. I agree w/ the previous comment about the legs, though.

Name: guest Posted: 1:28 PM on 8/2/2006

not very sexy legs!