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Description: I grew up here and have never seen the pelicans tame enough to eat from your hands! My brother was afraid they were going to take his fingers!

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Name: Patsy Ferebee Posted: 8:09 PM on 4/10/2008

Prize-winning! Fantastic photography....check out some of her other shots!

Name: beppie Posted: 5:13 PM on 3/31/2008

Hope this is a winner - but you cannot give up your part time job if you start winning big - we all need you.

Name: Judi Posted: 8:43 AM on 3/31/2008

WOW!!! I can't imagine any other photo winning this contest. I would love to have seen this in person. This is a once in a lifetime shot. Send it on to National Geography. You got my vote!!! PS:Looks like some folks are more interested in the "Hunk" / "Dude" :)

Name: Beachgirly Posted: 6:58 AM on 3/31/2008

This has got to be the winner. Love the pelicans but like the previous post.....I'm more interested in the handsome dude. Sweet!!!!

Name: Missy Posted: 2:35 PM on 3/30/2008

Would really like to vote for this photo, but am having a problem logging into this site. Great Photography!!This one needs to go to National Geographic! ABTW... Who's The Hunk?

Name: Lana Cary Posted: 11:23 PM on 3/28/2008

Wow! A Pelican tamer! Where's Barnum and Bailey when you need them? And what will these poor Peli Guys-n-Gals do when we can't drive out on the beach to feed and entertain them? This is an awesome picture! Vote for it! Plus, please vocalize the need to preserve and prtect our beah driving rights! Trust me! The pelicans and even the piper plovers will thank you!

Name: granjoy Posted: 9:34 AM on 3/21/2008

outstanding photography

Name: granby girl Posted: 5:56 PM on 3/18/2008

great photo, hope you win!

Name: Rob Posted: 3:52 PM on 3/18/2008

Fingers, Hell!

Name: Vi-MD Posted: 6:08 PM on 3/17/2008


Name: Donna Posted: 2:31 PM on 3/17/2008

Wow! Pelican's do "criss cross, applesauce"! Can't believe they came right up to him.

Name: sandy Posted: 2:20 PM on 3/17/2008

Wish I could have seen that! Great photo.