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Description: One early foggy morning as I was sitting on the beach, I noticed these two girls coming out of the very thick fog. It was as if I had gone back in time. It was yet another beautiful and unforgettable morning on the Outer Banks.

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Name: siswalker Posted: 9:10 AM on 3/30/2008

This is a beautiful picture, with an almost etherial quality. I just love it!

Name: sparky Posted: 11:29 AM on 3/29/2008

i just love this picture.

Name: obxcrew Posted: 6:31 AM on 3/26/2008

sort of looks like two angels walking off into the mist..

Name: pelcndeb Posted: 8:50 PM on 3/24/2008

Could have come right from St. Mary's County Md.
Beautiful Shot!

Name: Erin Posted: 10:21 AM on 3/24/2008

This is a really cute picture.