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Description: This was a surprise photo. We were there the week that the lamp base was removed from the tower to join it with the lens which was on display at the Shipwreck Museum. I wanted to get a picture without the lens and got something very special. One must be careful taking photos into the sun but here is an example of what can happen.

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Name: MarkOh Posted: 10:05 AM on 5/31/2008

Tough choices this month. This shot is the most creative. Nice job.

Name: Sue Posted: 11:33 AM on 5/27/2008

Incredible photo ~ it takes my breath away!

Name: Renee Posted: 9:08 AM on 5/17/2008

Wow. That is truly a one of a kind shot.

Name: Angel70 Posted: 10:25 AM on 5/13/2008

Wow! That is just beautiful! I love shots like this.

Name: Joe Posted: 12:11 AM on 5/10/2008

What an amazing picture. I would pay to have this hanging on my wall. You got my vote.