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Description: Mommy and 9 day old baby on Corova Beach. June 2008

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Name: abylabie Posted: 7:43 PM on 6/30/2008


Name: gosteelers Posted: 9:09 AM on 6/27/2008

beautiful picture!

Name: Ann Posted: 7:01 AM on 6/18/2008

What a great shot!!! Thanks for posting

Name: kemp Posted: 8:05 PM on 6/17/2008

Oh my goodness, you were so lucky to capture this moment! I love the confidence the mare is portraying - and the young one knowing it's best to stand so close for protection. I had to laugh. I don't know who did the foal's tail, but they're good. Again, great pic. Thanks.

Name: Dan Posted: 8:51 AM on 6/16/2008

I hope you win!!! Great shot

Name: VA Transplant Posted: 8:31 PM on 6/15/2008

This picture is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Awesome shot.

Name: Roanokeis Posted: 7:20 PM on 6/13/2008

Love it! Beautiful and healhty horses.

Name: Jim Posted: 2:37 PM on 6/12/2008

I hope you win. What a great capture!!

Name: Emily Posted: 2:36 PM on 6/12/2008

How beautiful!!!

Name: mel Posted: 2:36 PM on 6/12/2008


Name: Isaacs Posted: 8:03 AM on 6/10/2008

Beauty that is unexplainable! Wow great picture!!!

Name: Sue Posted: 12:57 PM on 6/9/2008

Boy, it doesn't get any better than that! What a wonderful capture!

Name: Christy Posted: 12:11 PM on 6/9/2008

A day to never forget for a lifetime!

Name: obxlex Posted: 9:41 AM on 6/8/2008

I love it!

Name: Erin Posted: 7:53 AM on 6/8/2008

Wish I were there right now!! Beautiful Picture :)

Name: mrsshroyer Posted: 2:57 AM on 6/8/2008

Great pic. Nature in all it's glory.

Name: Racey3 Posted: 7:47 PM on 6/7/2008

OMG, That is precious!!!!!

Name: Leslie-Md. Posted: 11:08 AM on 6/7/2008

Love it.

Name: Erin Posted: 7:45 AM on 6/7/2008

The most serene thing I have seen in years. Wow the beauty of the ocean. Amazing. What a wonderful day!!!