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Description: This shot was taken off of Ramp 43 on the point.

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Name: cory Posted: 5:57 PM on 6/27/2008

great pic candy. did chuck shoot at the gulls after you took the picture? lol wish i could have been there.

Name: Dilly Posted: 8:59 AM on 6/27/2008

Great Photo Candy, Wish I could have made the trip with you guys !!!!

Name: gary & von Posted: 9:46 PM on 6/26/2008

P.S How did you get the seagull to stand on one leg?

Name: gary & von Posted: 9:43 PM on 6/26/2008

this definetely gets the English vote.
I'll drink to that x

Name: Travis Meador Posted: 4:07 PM on 6/26/2008

Nice picture Candy, just wish we all were still there.

Name: Tina Posted: 2:46 PM on 6/26/2008

Good luck, I remember you taking this pic. Love it!!!

Name: Chris Jones Posted: 7:39 AM on 6/26/2008

Now thats a good shot. Pretty work.

Name: MOM Posted: 4:57 PM on 6/25/2008

Loved the pic! The gulls looks as if they are watching over the lighthouse. Good luck

Name: chuck sharp Posted: 11:43 AM on 6/25/2008

Great pic honey, hope you win!!!

Name: gary dobbins Posted: 9:25 AM on 6/25/2008

great photo, one of the best on here!!