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Description: In Buxton, on what is left open of our beach, I looked down just in time to catch this sand crab stealing my sister-in-law`s cigarette.

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Name: Mike Posted: 4:46 PM on 7/31/2008

reminds me of my last internet date

Name: Jan Posted: 3:05 PM on 7/31/2008

Could be a new mascot for the tobacco growers assoc!
How did you ever get him to pose?

Name: B Cooper Posted: 9:46 AM on 7/30/2008

This shot is a hoot. Leave it to Rosie to capture this funny moment!

Name: mervjenkins@embarqma Posted: 7:48 PM on 7/29/2008

Hey wait a minute......is this for real? Great Photo...
I hope you win 'cause this is reall cool!

Name: Teresa Posted: 6:50 PM on 7/28/2008

Give him a beer and a pair of shades. Great shot Rosie!

Name: guitarcouch Posted: 5:46 PM on 7/28/2008

wonderful clarity, ghost crab busted!

Name: Lana Cary Posted: 4:33 PM on 7/28/2008

Rosie, he could be our new Kinnakeets Luring Ladies mascot! Do you think he can fix a Mimosa?

He must be stressed out due to the beach closures! Either that, or he just had some great crab-knooky!

Too funny! One of the best I've ever seen!

Name: Bev Posted: 4:33 PM on 7/28/2008

So where is the "beer" dude!

Name: Charlie Posted: 4:25 PM on 7/28/2008

I wanna see him go for the lighter!!!!

Name: OhioAnn Posted: 10:48 PM on 7/26/2008

Great shot!

Name: outerbankslinda Posted: 3:19 PM on 7/18/2008

To Funny

Name: Buckeye Mom Posted: 12:14 PM on 7/18/2008

This is FUNNY! Doesn't that crab know smoking is bad for his lungs?

Name: racey3 Posted: 8:18 PM on 7/17/2008

OMG, that is just to cute, good job, had to think fast for that shot.

Name: MarkOh Posted: 9:01 PM on 7/16/2008

A replacement for the Marlboro Man! I can see the billboards now!

Name: Sue Posted: 4:23 PM on 7/16/2008

Love this photo ~ and he sure looks guilty!

Name: margie Posted: 1:28 PM on 7/15/2008

Good picture. So clear...and it has a hidden message too!

Name: Michelle Posted: 2:08 PM on 7/14/2008

Great clear photo. Too hilarious not to comment on.

Name: kemp Posted: 9:45 AM on 7/13/2008

Filter recyling at its best.

Name: Erica Posted: 12:00 AM on 7/13/2008

How hilarious!!!!! Great photo as well :)

Name: salvo Posted: 3:18 PM on 7/10/2008

Great capture!!! Laugh out loud funny!

Name: Carrie Posted: 9:20 AM on 7/9/2008

This is a great picture! It just made me laugh when I saw it. Thanks!

Name: BEACHLOVER Posted: 1:30 PM on 7/8/2008


Name: GoSteelers Posted: 3:56 PM on 7/8/2008

That is too funny! Great picture

Name: Leslie-Md. Posted: 7:14 PM on 7/7/2008

That's hilarious! Great capture.