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Description: Guess which shell has the little boy under it. At least we knew where he was for 5 minutes. Families that stayed in our cottage would leave shells with their names and date they stayed or paint them like the pretty seahorse shell.

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Name: salvo Posted: 2:06 PM on 8/27/2008

What a sweet and whimsical idea...both the writing on the shells and the photo itself. It tells a wonderful story!

Name: WishIwasThere Posted: 6:11 PM on 8/25/2008

Beautiful kid, beautiful shells, a sweet idea, and he's on the beach. That's what vacation on the Banks is all about. And they are a lot easier to keep track of when you bury them up to their head. :O) I reallly like this photo.

Name: roanokeis Posted: 12:05 PM on 8/1/2008

Love the photo. What a clever idea about siging the shells!

Name: windjammer Posted: 11:25 AM on 8/1/2008

That's a cute picture and a great idea for your guests. Beats the guest book I have.