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Description: Hubby's F250 to get me to the beach. Having it all to myself after a storm. Shells everywhere. PRICELESS

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Name: salvo Posted: 2:02 PM on 8/27/2008

A sheller's dream!!!!! Seeing them all together like this is amazing! Would love to be able to find this many in one "hunt"! I love it!

Name: summertime Posted: 8:00 PM on 8/2/2008

WoW! Lucky you!!! I would have snatched them all up too! :) Great photo!

Name: Obxlex Posted: 2:30 PM on 8/2/2008

WoW! I have NEVER seen that many shells like that on the OBX! I can barely find tiny shells that aren't broken! I am pretty much amazed..I love shells, I have a whole room done in shell decorations, and I have many books on them. Once again, great picture..and great find!