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Description: Wintertime in South Nags Head.

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Name: Jennetta(shena) Posted: 3:43 PM on 9/8/2008

This is the cutest pic of him!!!! He is too adorable.

Name: guest Posted: 1:38 PM on 8/30/2008

This is an adorable picture of a little boy holding a starfish, but I feel obligated to vote for a photo that better represents the theme of "Shells".

Name: kat Posted: 8:31 PM on 8/27/2008

You have my vote!!What a sweet little guy!!!Sooooooo cute!!!

Name: DREAMER Posted: 2:37 PM on 8/26/2008

This is a beautiful picture. He is a darling littl guy.

Name: Amanda Posted: 9:17 AM on 8/26/2008

This is a great picture, he looks so cute! You couldn't have asked for a better day! will vote when my account is set up.

Name: vanessa Posted: 9:11 AM on 8/26/2008

I guess I have to have a POTM account to be able to vote. As soon as it is set up. You have my vote!!!

Name: lisaobxdarlin Posted: 4:22 PM on 8/25/2008

This is cute.

Name: Shiralee Posted: 2:25 PM on 8/25/2008

Sorry Amy; I can't vote for some reason...>_<

Name: daedae Posted: 9:56 AM on 8/25/2008

Great picture you have my vote.

Name: OBXLVR Posted: 11:23 AM on 8/15/2008

Darling! You have my vote!

Name: Susan Posted: 8:38 PM on 8/13/2008

This is the best photo, you have my vote!

Name: pj103 Posted: 1:36 PM on 8/11/2008

Wow! I have been to the OBX 4 times and I have never seen a star fish. This is a great picture.

Name: vanessa Posted: 12:36 PM on 8/9/2008

good day for beach glass