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Description: Found this scallop while clamming in Oregon Inlet, then enjoyed watching it purge in fresh water.

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Name: Maggie Posted: 7:55 AM on 8/29/2008

You need to get a life. All you do is hang out in the sand and watch for critters to photograph. But, you find good critters and take good pictures. Keep it up.

Name: z Posted: 3:48 PM on 8/28/2008

what is she doing saturday night

Name: Jenny K Posted: 9:39 PM on 8/27/2008

I love it. Great timing.

Name: kat Posted: 8:34 PM on 8/27/2008

Cooooooool picture!!!!!!!!

Name: Armelle Posted: 9:45 AM on 8/27/2008

Awesome! This should win!!

Name: Bev Posted: 9:42 AM on 8/27/2008

Cool-love it

Name: Judi Posted: 8:25 AM on 8/27/2008

Awesome picture!!! You got my vote.

Name: jfwobx Posted: 10:18 PM on 8/26/2008

Great Photo!

Name: guitarcouch Posted: 9:43 PM on 8/26/2008

Outstanding photo!

Name: Vickie Posted: 8:33 PM on 8/26/2008

Love this!!!!

Name: Cobra Posted: 6:09 PM on 8/26/2008

Kinda looks like Rosie.....Great pix!

Name: pj103 Posted: 3:36 PM on 8/25/2008

Very good pic-probably took some patience to get it just right.

Name: outerbankslinda Posted: 3:36 PM on 8/22/2008

very cool

Name: MarkOh Posted: 2:59 PM on 8/22/2008

This is awesome. My favorite so far.

Name: Racey3 Posted: 9:56 PM on 8/16/2008

That is really neat look'in, I know dum ? What is it?
Great Picture, great shot.

Name: j Posted: 10:36 AM on 8/16/2008